Five Fatal Fibs in Real Estate

1.Location is everything

How many times have you heard it said that location is the best , if not only consideration when you are about to make a property purchase. For the person who wants to buy a family home this could be true , from ease of aces to schools , amenities , to time spent commuting to and from work . But for the company or person wanting to turn profit on their investment , its in fact the place that gives you highest return on investment , that is the best deal , be it resale , return on capital , rental income, its simply not a fact that location is the best directive to follow when shopping for properties.

2. Fixer uppers are the way to go.

False. Fixer uppers are certainly a main stay for tycoons and beginners alike , but prior to inception to such a project , do your homework , when you get into the process , without doing the footwork there is no telling what sort of complications await  you along the road to resale.

3.Property is a sure asset.

Myth….let me ask this question , does your car count as a asset or a liability ? well you’ll say its a liability , but what if you rented your car pout , and it actually put money in your pocket , is it still a liability ? same can be said for children right , with education and health care , we can pray and hope that one day they will be educated and contributing to a culture of upliftment economically . but your home , unless your asset is growing faster that your investment capital can be a liability , it depends on what your negotiated interest rate and return is.

4.” Pooling fund are b#$@@it.

False , its been proven in africa and with huge success in the soviet union , as in asia , that consortiums , can aquire large building , develope the land or renovate the structure , and have a multi layered return on pooled funds return. Point in case is the dramatic buy ups from Aquire property investment group in Singapore , headed my Yang Po.

5.”Its best to wait the full term for your bond .

False , its been shown , by economist and real estate agents that the extra 20 percent repayment actually accrues more returns , because you settle the outstanding interest at an accelerated rate.  It’s at that point that you turn from  bond slave to  property investor.

Magenta International on Facebook,  more facts…

There you have 5 facts to arm you with informed decisions.


Simplicity et al…

Greetings all..declutter-your-computer

Feng shui can be a vast and complex field of study. To give respect to those who have dedicated lifetimes in persuit and practice of this art , is a honourable thing to do.

To make the essence of feng shui effortless, is not done without some experience .

Today , quite simply I want to share a  fact . De-cluttering , generates space . It can do you more good than harm.

Having a open field is preferred to a overwrought space ( in your mind or in your office)

So, if you don’t have the masters know how , or the funds for the professional practitioner, all you need to start is the willingness to let go , and day by day remove as you go..ultimately you will find that what you choose to have , and where, becomes more .. new..

Good luck with the year end closet clean out . Donate , recycle and renew where you can. Keep it simple : )

Sharpen up for 2014 !


Sharpen up  for 2014 !

In order to move forward or upward , the action of maintaining and preparing brings ease to a pre occupied mind.

Here are some practical tips.
12 pencils , 12 colors , 12 homes of the zodiac, easy to get. Choose one color for a goal or life aspect , and make yourself a color coded priority list.
define your goals
make them measurtable and practical
take a moment of retrospect, review the year , where did you excell , what did you do right ? how can thing be done more effectively?
during 2013 , many of us felt emotional , and faced challenges related to clarity of mind.

In order to make the most of the coming year , take a honest rewiew of your situation , and get clear on your goals.

we can have the most experienced feng shui master adjust our space , but in action has never brought anyone the results they desire. our actions , as human , is a activating force , a energy if you will , thaty propells the feng shui into ‘ACTIVE” energy.

never liked bright colors until recently , so sorry for the eye shock , but i believe it works well ! reminds me of schoolwork in a way..

till next time peepers , have a great day


Will the real feng shuidY please stand up !

 A clients conversation about feng shui yesterday was a interesting one. A potential client approached me , and asked what gaurentee can be made that feng shui really works.

He said has has been burnt by rascals , being in the moment this is what occured after giving it some thought. Atitude is the garentee of the outcome , the result if you will. see if you expect the worst its a garentee. Expect the best < its a garentee. two sides , same coin.  fFor the spell checkers  , please back off ..

the directive of feng shui , under the umbrella of kan yu , was to provide guided purpouse to the royal family and the legacy thereof. Feng shui can not turn a sour lemon sweet. but it can show you where to look for alternatives , where soil is good , and the breezes carry the prosperity to land with directions grace , there is growth, within the being, as much as the palaces that represent life’s aspect.

Unfortunately there have been many cases, where the auspice of feng shui was milked as a cash cow. to buy money frogs and lucky coins..has your toad made you a millionaire ?

There is nothing wrong with having money toads , or lucky coins. BUT remember this , its a culture specific item , with a mythylogical connetation, nothing magical about it , until you understand the where and how, then youll know the why !

As much as id like to be’ the best’ , it’s a relative term. those who found the way, understand the mysteries of non attachment. Aim to do your best, with good intensions , and real feng shui finds you. to study with masters from the closeness source and friends with to share and learn. real feng shui is bigger than the scope of tokens , and quite litterally the sceince of energy. Based on the precept oxygen hydrogen , or wind and water, simply put. the geomancer of ancient and eqully modern times , would have been versed in the understandings , of principals like this.

1.WuJi –  void or mother , creative energy or force.

2.Yin-Yang – the characters of the energy and how it can be transformed.

3.TaiJi – harmony and destruction , aswell as controlling and interactive elements

4.Xua Kong – studied classical teachings

5. the five elements in all the forms of time and in time.

6.Servatide of learning , to aid and teach or heal

7.Actions to create allignment of the hexagrams to empower the space or land

8.Create self developement for oneself , and then to others

9.reputations are authenticly revered if you think about it for palace 9.

The future is evolving into a fire period. conciousseness and spirituality will grow and rise , like the flame consuming all that is not pure, it is only the fire element tha can purify and remain clean.

I hope this helps to shine my huble understanding of the subject , and the way i practice ,the art of feng shui. There is no offense intended , simply a point of view. Perpahs this article can assist the readers to make more informed choices.

In A attemt to remove the myths about the practice of real feng shui. I also own money toads, and have lucky coins , that is my choice , i have affinity with chinese and indian culture…and yes i have placed them in spots according to what works for me. not that it really matters because irrespective of having them or not , i know i am alligned . Creating your own destiny is what we all do  But , making informed choices is better than haphazardly existing.ImageImage